America's Civil War

‘Murderous’ Fire

the attack by the 11th Connecticut Infantry upon the Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge today) during the September 17, 1862, Battle of Antietam was a straightforward affair. In the standard account, the 11th advanced in the first assault upon the bridge, hoping to draw enemy fire and allow Colonel George Crook’s 2nd Brigade, 9th Corps, to storm across Antietam Creek. But suffering heavy casualties as it neared the bridge, the regiment had no choice but to retreat. The general framework of this is true, but when we probe further, we discover a story more complex and interesting than a simple regimental advance and

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Head Of The Class
Thomas Henry Hines’ war began in 1861, when he left his Kentucky home to fight for the South. He rose swiftly from lieutenant in a local Kentucky cavalry unit to captain under Confederate raider John Hunt Morgan, the fabled “Thunderbolt of the Confed
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‘Gone the Sun’
Our effort in this issue to begin working with Frank Jastrzembski on his mission to recognize and honor the gravesites of the nation’s Civil War and Mexican War heroes (see P. 64) comes at a time of unthinkable heartbreak, as America’s Civil War must
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America’s Civil War
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