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HERE’S A PAINTING IN that sums up the exhibit’s quietly subversive mood. Titled “Robert,” the acrylic work depicts a heavyset bearded man in a Morrissey T-shirt. With tattoos on his arm and a black cuff bracelet on his wrist, he appears stereotypically masculine. Then you notice that he’s wielding a pair of quilting shears, cutting fabric

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Pride of Laredo
IN 1914, THE TEXAS RANGERS HAD A REPUTATION for complicity in extralegal violence and property crimes against Hispanic Texans. So when they rode up to the office of El Progreso newspaper in Laredo one day with a score to settle, the wisest choice of
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Graveyard Shift
ISABELLE PAPADIMITRIOU WAS FINALLY A GRANDMA. The baby girl, Lua, was born in August 2019 in Brooklyn. Though Papadimitriou lived in Coppell and worked as a respiratory therapist in Dallas, she’d been able to visit her granddaughter in New York twice
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On their last visit, Corken, who had tiny feet and hands, needed a new pair of slides, so they stopped at her favorite shoe store, the only one with a decent selection in size 5. Later, they caught a matinee at an upscale theater. “We always got a pe