I can’t remember how young I was, but I had a love for my mom’s size-6 high heels. I’d come home from school and be all by myself—so I’d dance in them, hittin’ the runway, practicing walking up and down the stairs. It’s funny because people nowadays say, “You know how to walk in heels better than girls!” and I'm like, “There’s no shade, I've honestly been doing it a lot longer than most girls."

I started wearing makeup and clothes from the

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Toy Story
LONG BEFORE STAY-AT-HOME mandates and social distancing, many of us already had a leg up on staycation beautification. It’s. Who. We. Are. Since now we literally have the time, let’s use this new, personal bonding period for a results-oriented, produ
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Home Beauty Secrets
NOW THAT OUR DIY DEVICES are at home with us, what skin care products are we going to be using to exfoliate, bio-treat, or infuse for a more refreshed, reset, or plumped look, you ask? Excellent question, friends! There are endless choices, but I’ve
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Generation VOGUE
LEIOMY MALDONADO is known as the “Wonder Woman of Vogue” for a reason. A title bestowed upon her by Icon Gorgeous Jack Gucci, one of ballroom’s most influential figures and a bit of a name maker, the name refers to her innovation on the floor—most no