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There’s never been a better time to pick up your camera and photograph wild animals

Wildlife is a source of great fascination and inspiration to so many of us, either as image-makers or simply as human beings living on this

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Digital Photographer2 min. leídosTechnology & Engineering
Get Stock In!
Beata Moore is a professional photographer and author. Currently she is finalising her latest book, Photographing Surrey and Sussex, which will be available for purchase in the first part of 2021. How much of your income comes from selling stock im
Digital Photographer3 min. leídosScience & Mathematics
Get Studio- Style Lighting At Home
Difficulty level: Expert Time taken: 2 hours Working from home as a photographer can be difficult, not least because your household is rarely an optimal shooting location for most subjects and styles. If you’re used to working in a studio, the light
Digital Photographer1 min. leídosScience & Mathematics
Turn Out The Lights
Since the biggest challenge of shooting in uncontrollable household lighting is colour bias, you need to reduce this as much as possible. One solution is to turn out all lights in the room before you take each shot, and make 100 per cent of the scene