Exoskeleton Cometh

reg Sawicki is an associate professor of automation and mechatronics at Georgia Tech. His work focuses on robotic lower-limb exoskeletons designed to augment human locomotion. In other words, he’s trying to make it easier to walk and run with the help of, say, an external Achilles tendon. He dreams of breaking three hours in the marathon someday—aided by

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Swim Men’s Wetsuits
RATING: BASICS: A high-end wetsuit that can tackle the training and racing needs for all levels of triathletes ▶ Better than average buoyancy, flexibility, and warmth ▶ Super durable and interior comfort that should last with usage ▶ Warmer than othe
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Run Running Shoes
FIT: CUSHION: PERFORMANCE: BASICS: More cushion and stability than its predecessor, with all the original groundbreaking technology ▶ Very fast ▶ Improved traction for wet surfaces ▶ Sharp cornering can be sketchy ▶ Somewhat bouncy, awkward ride ▶ Hi
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Usatri Staff Listing
Olympic Program Senior Manager Last race I attended in person: Three of the four ITU races in the fall of 2020 — Hamburg, Karlovy Vary and Arzachena. Tips for international travel: In your pack, include a reusable water bottle, snacks and a big scarf