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n the spring of 1981, the exhibition (Photographic books by Latin American authors) opened in Mexico City. Part of a colloquium focused on photography in Latin America that carried the subtitle (Made in Latin America), published an article on photographic books written by curator and editor Maria Cristina Orive twenty years earlier. In the 1970s, a consensus was emerging about the significance of these publications in Latin America. In photobooks, images become the text: they are a form of visual literature.

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Annabelle Selldorf
Annabelle Selldorf is the art world’s favorite architect. But her work is nothing if not subtle—rather than the splashy icons we have come to expect from the starchitects long chosen to design art galleries and museums, Selldorf prefers to craft what
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Robert Adams
To find beauty where others see only emptiness, or junk: that might be one of the artist’s greatest gifts. To bring clear eyes to what the rest of us overlook, and never forget that the same light that shines on the postcard sites of our vacations sh
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