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Edward Dramberger, PhD

EDWARD DRAMBERGER, PHD turned a thirst for travel into a career in hospitality and tourism. As a speaker, author, consultant and traveler, he has touched down in 180 countries and has lived and worked abroad. His recent book  The Destination Diaries: How to Travel for Life describes his travel experiences from around the world—all while dealing with bipolar I disorder.

I love many places and

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Navigating Troubled Waters
Around 20 years ago I took up scuba diving. More than 70 percent of our planet is ocean, and I wanted to see things that are unseen to all but a few. Lately I’ve been asking myself, “What can scuba diving teach us about managing bipolar disorder in t
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We Hear You
THANKS TO CHYLER LEIGH for being brave enough to share her story (“Super-girl Actor Chyler Leigh: Fighting the Good Fight,” Spring 2020). I also had a mother who had [undiagnosed] bipolar disorder. If I had only known that I had bipolar just like my
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Shaking Off Shame
AFTER AN 18-MONTH HIATUS at home with her baby daughter, Amanda Rosenberg dove back into working with her sketch comedy group. Writing comedy has been a dream come true—and in a roundabout way, she can thank her bipolar diagnosis for shaking her free