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Thursday, February 14, 7 p.m., Connelly Auditorium, Terra Hall

Jacob Saenz was born in Chicago and raised in Cicero, Illinois., won the /Honickman First Book Prize. His poems have appeared in , , , and other journals. His poetry has also been anthologized in and . A Canto-Mundo fellow, Saenz has been the recipient of a Letras Latinas Residency and a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship. He serves as an associate editor for .

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The American Poetry Review5 min. leídos
Four Poems
I learned the world through the bottoms of my feet, barein the creeks of summer, stepping on pebbles, the squidgeof moss between my toes. On hot asphalt, the hop and skipover cracks, feet already toughened by bramble, dirt, the pricklyground of pine
The American Poetry Review2 min. leídos
Two Poems
Pre-apocalypse, things take on a certain radiance our eye the dystopian lens lingering on death: a field of corpses, say— then resting on an amber ditch where the assassin’s flicked cigar flares red. And now I’m eating wasps. Did you know that figs a
The American Poetry Review4 min. leídos
Six Sonnets
Goldenrod, I could say, you know, everybody wants somethingfrom me, but, well, everybody wants something and nobody wantsnothing from me, goldenrod, towhead, beast. Goldenrod, you packthe meadows like gold-plated sardines. I have heart palpitationsbu