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Of the estimated 4 million men of non-white heritage who were mobilised during the First World War, the largest proportion came from India, totalling 1.5

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Whistle Figurine
For the Maya and, indeed, other Mesoamerican civilisations, music was central to societal, religious and cultural life. Many pieces of surviving Maya art, for example on vases and other pottery, depict scenes involving music and musicians. These imag
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What Happned To Yuri Gagarin?
The life of Yuri Gagarin changed in many ways in the 108 minute s he spent orbiting the Earth on 12 April 1961. The most significant change was that he was now the first man to have gone into space, the Vostok 1 rocket having launched him to a maximu
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Key Events
3114 BCE Although hunter-gatherers have been in the area for about 8,000 years, Maya believe that our world was created in this year. 1800 BCE The first permanent Maya settlements are established in the Soconusco region that is now in the state of Ch