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Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Florence and Richard Atwater

A house painter named Mr. Popper dreams of being an Antarctic explorer. When he gets a penguin, his dream comes true. Soon one penguin turns into two, and soon a dozen penguins are in the household. It’s too expensive to take

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Ivy Lugbill, age 8 Indianapolis, IN I was so excited! My dad and I were going camping! After we packed all our stuff, my dad said, “Hop in!” I grabbed the paper towel roll binoculars I had been making and jumped into the car. It was a really . . . re
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FOR A MOMENT Jeff lay confused. He couldn’t figure out what had awakened him. He coughed. He coughed again. There was a tight, suffocating feeling in his chest. As he pulled himself groggily from the last remnants of sleep, he became aware of an acri
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Cautiously, Prince Bernard lifted his saddle from the wall. Just a buckle’s jingle or the straw crackling beneath his boots might give him away. “Good afternoon, Your Highness. Are you taking Bright Star for a ride?” Would he never escape? Suppressin