Reinventing the Government

Forget about shutting down the government. We need to radically reinvent it.
PER_Gov_01_101883311 Source: Photo illustration by Paul Naughton; Source images: Capitol Building: Frederick Bass/Getty; sign: PLAINVIEW/Getty

Americans elected Donald Trump in 2016 on his pledge to "drain the swamp." Two years later, they turned to Democrats to demand what Nancy Pelosi called "a new dawn."

But fixing Washington requires more than new leaders and new variations on partisan orthodoxies. It requires a new governing vision, propelled by public demand, for a basic overhaul of how government works. Reforming the current system will not be sufficient. 

Modern government is disconnected from the needs and capabilities of real people. Instead of honoring what Karol Wojtyla, later to become Pope John Paul II, called "the fundamental uniqueness of each human person," it dictates uniform public choices at a granular level, applying to all people. The relevant

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