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The Wild Inside: The Importance of Imagination and Nurturing Your Creative Spirit

The Wild Inside: The Importance of Imagination and Nurturing Your Creative Spirit by Marilyn Hagar. Photograph of a hand throwing a mason jar of stars into the sky by Javardh
Photograph by Javardh

The physical, external world is how we survive… but it is the subjective realm — the wild inside — where we find real meaning

When I was a little girl, I had a wild imagination. I didn’t live where bears wandered the streets, but in my mind, they were everywhere. My parents were puzzled by my fantasies, so at the age of three, they tried to set me straight after I had awoken from a nightmare of a bear coming into our house. “It’s not real,” they told me. “It’s just your imagination.” But I was a stubborn little girl;

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