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Best of the 2019 Toronto Film Festival: There was 'Parasite' and there was everything else

TORONTO - The Telluride and Venice film festivals have ended and Toronto is winding down. Times film critic Justin Chang and entertainment columnist Glenn Whipp took a break between a few last-minute screenings north of the border to share their early impressions of the fall movie season.

GLENN WHIPP: Even with the sounds of the unremitting foghorn from "The Lighthouse" and Joaquin Phoenix's incessant cackling in "Joker" still ringing in my ears, I'd say that my most lasting memory from Toronto is seeing Bong Joon-ho's masterpiece, "Parasite," for a second time. After having viewed it in a small screening room, I wanted to watch it surrounded by the energy of a thousand people taking in the movie's twists and turns. The audience - and the repeated viewing - did not disappoint.

Last year we talked about our admiration for Lee Chang-dong's "Burning," feeling certain that this brooding, brilliant film would earn South Korea

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