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A major obstacle to diversity in nation-states is the grossly sweeping historical and political narratives that often underpin them. State power allows those in charge to define the nation and its structures with circular arguments that legitimise the territorial delimiting and historical disinheriting of peoples-who have cultivated those same territories for centuries. In the mid-twentieth century, as the modern colonial empires began to be

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Distress Call
When the erstwhile Reliance Infocomm launched its landmark service in December 2002 with the catchline 'Kar lo duniya mutthi mein (The world in your fist)', many called it a revolution in the Indian telecom sector. For the first time, mobile telephon
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Mother's Invention
I'd been waiting a couple of days to hear back from the writer Perumal Murugan, via an editor who promised to translate my questions into Tamil and his replies to English. That this kind of exchange is possible at all is amazing, and a sign of the vi
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Dancing To Stravinsky's Tune
Igor Stravinsky's spellbinding score for 'The Rite of Spring' isn't a usual soundtrack for a Kuchipudi performance. Bhavana Reddy, however, makes this contrast seem natural. Daughter of the legendary Raja Radha and Kaushalya Reddy, she will be seen d