ome of us live and die by our numbers. We know our head and seat angles down to a fraction of a degree. We know our reach and chainstay lengths down to the millimeter. Many of us choose our rims based on their inner width or our hubs by their engagement points. So, it’s odd that grip diameter doesn’t get the same attention. Trying to choose based on size is usually just a guessing game, one I’ve been playing for years. I’m enough of a snob about it that, when I go on test rides, I always bring my own grips. Besides being a must-have for anyone with a little extra acreage on their palms, large-diameter grips distribute impacts better, and their increased surface area offers more traction. Like all the other numbers we hold dear to our hearts, the size of our grips matters. But we’re way behind other sports in the art of handholding. Tennis players have their own

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