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If the dark secret of Donnie Wahlberg’s long and successful showbiz career is a predilection for energy drinks, no one working on today’s photo shoot is about to give him grief for it. Since turning up a few hours ago, Wahlberg has been a model of friendly comportment. Throughout multiple costume changes and a succession of both still and video sessions, he’s been laughing, solicitous, and just plain eager to help.

Wahlberg is this gregarious and generous despite what would seem to be an exhausting schedule. When his week of 10-hourplus days playing Blue Bloods detective Danny Reagan on a New York set comes to a close, he flies back to Chicago, where he lives with his wife, actress Jenny McCarthy, his 17-year-old son, Elijah, and her 16-year-old son, Evan, before returning to the city on Sunday.

“Even if I work Thursday and can’t fly home with her [McCarthy spends midweeks on the set of her Sirius show in Manhattan], she’ll book a flight that gives her a couple hours to spend with me on our set

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