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Good news for #jamko fans: Will Estes and Vanessa Ray, who play Blue Bloods’ patrol partners turned precinct paramours Eddie Janko and Jamie Reagan, are every bit as adorable when the cameras aren’t rolling. And that’s saying something, because on-screen, these two have had a swoon-worthy run, from Jamie endearing himself to Eddie’s difficult mother to Eddie’s crazy jealousy when Jamie flirted with a beautiful doctor, all the way up to last season’s tear-inducing engagement.

But no amount of watching Estes and Ray’s on-camera chemistry can prepare you for spending an afternoon with these two, who constantly crack each other up, finish each other’s sentences, and give supportive compliments—only to playfully mock each other seconds later. “Get him out of here!” Estes jokingly scolds Ray when her actual husband’s name pops up on her ringing phone.

Sharing a couch in Ray’s dressing room on the Brooklyn set, in between pop-in chats from family members Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg (not to mention a drive-by from Wahlberg’s wife, Jenny McCarthy, and their brand-new Pomeranian puppies), the co-stars talked about the awkwardness of making out on camera with your real-life platonic best friend, why they were initially opposed to their

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