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“I had my teeth cleaned!” says Bridget Moynahan, flashing an immaculate, plaque-free smile. Nothing unusual about that from a former top model and current movie and TV star, but only someone who once harbored teenage dreams of a career in dentistry could produce the look of bliss that passed across her face.

If only things had gone as well at the optometrist.

As she shucks off her heavy parka and sits down in a Tribeca coffee shop with a cup of peppermint tea, Moynahan apologizes for missing a lunch date, explaining that a fitting for contact lenses had taken an untoward turn when one of the lenses got stuck under her eyelid. The effort to get it out was all the more hellish given her phobia about eyeballs. She can’t abide having anyone touch hers or having to touch anyone else’s.

“If somebody had to have a baby delivered right now on the floor, I could do it,” she says. “But if there was something in your eye, I’m sorry, you’re on your own.”

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