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What does it say about us that as much as we strive to live in civilization, we increasingly buy motorcycles built to escape it?

Well, everybody loves a vacation, right?

Up to now, there have been lots of ADV bikes built that are pretty good on vacation. We’d argue that KTM, though much later to the adventure-bike game than its biggest German rival, has done the best job of giving its bikes a harder edge.

In fact, KTM has always leaned on its Dakar Rally success to help connect the dots between race wins and its Adventure motorcycles. It sells the dream of shredding sand-swept deserts at breakneck speeds, even if you’re just using your bike to explore local dirt roads. Back in the days of the 950 and 990 Adventure models made from 2003 to 2013, there was a direct correlation to the Dakar-winning 950 of Fabrizio Meoni. But with the race rules mandating

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