Why Meditate?

“How is it possible for something that exists only in our IMAGINATION to become a reality? It is a remarkable quality of our mind that we first CREATE objects with our imagination and then bring them into our everyday REALITY. In fact, EVERYTHING starts in the imagination.”

These are the words of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, in his book How to Transform Your Life – A Blissful Journey.*

The word meditation has many associations for different people. For some, it may conjure up images of

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Sterkhorn KZN
Access 6am – 6pm Dogs Not allowed Fee R40 / Trails Various / Best route 17km / Ascent 1,970m / Difficulty Tough / Time 5h This is one of the most beautiful and toughest trails I’ve done. There are only about nine kays to the top, depending on which r
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Running Saved My Life
Mike Tredway, Mooi River miketredway Knock it back to 2010. I was in a DARK SPACE, with no apparent escape. Then it got even WORSE! I had a road ACCIDENT. Drove my car under a stationary truck on the freeway. I decided then that NEVER AGAIN would I t
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Trail Film Awards
Congratulations to everyone who submitted their film into the 2018 Awards. It’s no small feat to create a film of any length, and you achieved it. Special mention to the two winners: Lost in South Africa and Juan Scholtz. Their work was rated most po