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Farewell, Ducktales
IN THE MARVELOUSLY SATISFYING DuckTales series finale, the cast assembles one last time. Scrooge McDuck (David Tennant) and his nephews; heroic superducks with gizmos or dark wings; a teen sorceress who used to be a witch’s shadow; the headless man-h
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Truth to Power
JUSTICE MAY FOLLOW A LONG ARC, but more than ever lately it seems to wend its way to a biopic—or at least that’s true of several movies out this month, two of which make the case for their real-life counterparts in a way that newsprint or history boo
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It’s a Sin
What did you want to say here that hasn’t been covered in other movies and series about the AIDS epidemic? / I had things to say that I felt hadn’t quite been done. I haven’t seen it from a street level and I haven’t seen it set within Britain. The p