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Readers write: News from Iraq, religion and faith, working together, local mongooses, and a special issue

News from Iraq

Regarding the Oct. 19 Monitor Daily editorial, “Identity politics on the ropes in Iraq?”: Finally, a positive article regarding the Middle East. Hope they succeed in their experiment. If they do, the Iraq War

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A Supreme Court ruling against limits on compensation to college athletes may add to the drive to ensure a purity of motives in sports.
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Love That Leaves No One Out
Maybe we’re feeling unloved or excluded – or treating others that way, unconsciously or otherwise. But recognizing that everyone is included in God’s love brings joy and healing to our hearts and to our interactions with others.
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Taxes And The Rich: America’s History Of Favoritism And Crackdowns
Are the rich taxed too lightly? The question isn’t new, but leaked tax records of billionaires may be swinging the pendulum again.