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Lights, Camera, Antibacterial Wipes!
THE MOST IMPORTANT TAKES OF THE MONTH SINCE THE PANDEMIC BEGAN, MORE than 5 million COVID-19 tests have been performed in Los Angeles County. Marla Hudnall has taken at least 37 of them. As a second assistant director for shows on both broadcast and
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Becoming Billie
HOW DO YOU RE-CREATE THE VOICE of one of the greatest singers ever? For her transformation into jazz legend Billie Holiday, Andra Day threw out the rule book. She started smoking cigarettes. She glugged “cold water and gin.” She yelled and screamed a
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Six Feet Under
In TV, as in life, failure breeds success. When his ABC sitcom Oh, Grow Up was yanked off the schedule after just 11 episodes in December 1999, Alan Ball—who would go on to win an Oscar for writing American Beauty—was free to write a spec script for