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Martin Lawrence: Getting Real
Martin Lawrence is taking the idea of a one-on-one interview very literally. It’s a month before the release of his third Bad Boys film, Bad Boys for Life—arriving 17 years after Bad Boys II—and the actor is outfitted in a black Nike sweat suit, hood
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Power Book II: Ghost
MARY J. BLIGE & LATOYA TONODEO POWER MAY WRAP FOR GOOD in February, but fans won’t have to live long without their weekly crime-drama fix from the addictive (and extraordinarily popular) Starz series. This summer, the network will unveil a spin-off f
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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF YOUR NEXT OBSESSIONS NEW YEAR, NEW ZARI. In the season 4 finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, the titular super-screwups publicly defeated the demon Neron, thus erasing the dystopian future from whence cynical hacktivist Zari (