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Capturing the Dream

He says, “Living life as a teenager in London in the 1960s and ‘70s was the place to be, working in the City of London next to the River Thames was where I first fell in love with light. The early morning mist on the river was magical; mixed with cobblestone streets and old buildings were a photographer’s dream.

“I was influenced by three great London photographers: Bill Brandt, known for his strong, moody black and white images; David Bailey, who was at the forefront of

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Creative Artist6 min. leídos
The Red Capped Robin
• Paper: – Fabriano 600gm hot press paper – White Saral Transfer paper – Black carbon paper • Brushes: – NAM 12 Red Filbert – 70mm hake (Francheville #6) – Holbein two inch and one inch goat’s hair hakes – Windsor and Newton Series 7 #2 brush – Royma
Creative Artist2 min. leídos
My New World
I grew up in country Victoria. I think I was born to create, and as a child I was passionate about anything with a creative aspect. I particularly had a love for drawing, and spent many hours drawing caricatures. I went on to study art in high school
Creative Artist1 min. leídos
Artist’s Hints & Tips
• When you mix your colours, always mix a good amount of paint. Remixing colours in the middle of a critical part of your painting is annoying and often ends up leading to a different colour to the original. The other temptation is to thin the paint