Feed Your Fitness

Visagie, Duvenhage, Meltzer

R320 This visually-attractive 192-page book will appeal most to people who consider themselves athletic, and who enjoy preparing and eating fairly easy meals. Their challenge might be to fi nd new recipes or fresh approaches to old favourites. The book’s subtitle is A cookbook to fuel high performance, and its emphasis is on providing the carbs, proteins, fats, and micronutrients that physically active people will need at three distinct phases: training, competition, and recovery. There will be much argument around nutrition fundis’ tables as to whether high performance also means healthy. This book takes a middle line and includes meal plans from all food groups currently considered acceptable by Western culture, including animal products, and vegetarian options.

The three South African registered dietitian authors (, , and ) represent a wealth of nutritional knowledge. Shelly Meltzer alone has 30 years of experience in the fi eld. However, the information around nutrition has ballooned in the past fi ve years, and we have insights today that were not

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