Eden Forest WC

Entry Free / Trails Various / Best route 7km / Ascent 140m / Difficulty Moderate / Time 45 min

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Hayterdale Trails EC
Fee R20 | Trails 5 | Best route 21km | Ascent 635m | Dogs No Time 210min | Difficulty Moderate | Open All day Hayterdale Trails is an amazing venue. I am so inspired to explore and spend time there. The landowner showed me the network, and this route
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Heat Cheat
In his How Or Why series, coach SEAN TAIT, founder and Running technique coach at Off the Mark, digs deeper into specific issues troubling TRAIL readers. This is a common challenge among runners residing in warmer climates. It only takes two or three
TRAIL6 min. leídosDiet & Nutrition
“Let food be thy medicine.” This quote is often assigned to Hippocrates. Funny thing though, he didn’t actually say it: it’s been widely disproved, in fact. But whoever did say it was onto something. Fake quotes are just as popular as fad diets, wond