The Mountain In The Sea


The giant ferry steamed into the ancient port village of Calvi on the north shore of Corsica. We pressed our noses against the salt-streaked window.

We were staring at the ancient stone walls, buildings, staircases, piazzas, and cathedrals perched atop gigantic granite boulders, and rising up out of the crystal clear Mediterranean.

The sheer cliff faces seemed to shoot up vertically behind this romantic medieval coast, leaving us awed and filled with a sense of nervous excitement. We immediately understood why our friends in Nice referred to this island as the mountain in the sea.

We were in for a massive adventure (and challenge) over the next six days.

Corsica’s story

The island of Corsica is steeped in history. Control of this Mediterranean paradise has been passed between many nations, including Italy, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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