Eastman’s Ridge KZN

Access Summer 5am – 7pm Winter 6am – 6pm

Dogs No

Entry R35 / Trails / Best route / Ascent / Difficulty / Time

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TRAIL1 min. leídosMedical
Skip Your Way To Fitness
Skipping rope aka as a jump rope is a fun workout that can be done almost anywhere. I often tell runners who are traveling and staying in hotel rooms to pack a skipping rope as it is easy to pack and a great training tool. If you haven’t used one bef
TRAIL2 min. leídos
Onto The Bike
Cycling or spinning are great for runners and have similar cardio benefits. However, cycling isn’t load-bearing in the same way that running is so you will need to be cautious when you start running again, to give your muscles, ligaments and tendons
TRAIL1 min. leídosDiet & Nutrition
Too Much Sugar Can Damage Stomach Lining
A study from the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, found that mice fed diets high in sugar developed severe colitis by increasing harmful colon bacteria and decreasing healthful colon bacteria.3 The researchers fed mice various dietar