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Following the application of insolvency last August, it looks like Touratech AG is heading towards a better year in 2018. This is supported by the takeover of the

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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure4 min. leídos
Test Fleet: Royal Enfield Lnterce Tor 650
I think I'm getting old. Or maybe a bit more sensible (no, surely not!)? Whatever it is, it has made me re-evaluate how, where and what I ride. The change has been coming for a while, with track days being replaced by gentle jaunts down green lanes,
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure1 min. leídos
MoT Exemption In Battle Against Coronavirus
To make life easier during the coronavirus epidemic , vehicle owners have been granted a six-month exemption from MoT testing, enabling them to continue to travel to work where this absolutely cannot be done from home , or shop for necessities. This
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min. leídos
Blood Bikers Keep The NHS Going
Emergency Voluntary Service, Devon Freewheelers have fast-tracked the ability for NHS workers to get back on to the frontline by collecting COVID-19 test samples from the homes of personnel in isolation and delivering them to pathology labs where res