Having worked at SA4x4 for over four years and explored local trails in countless ‘trail reviews’ and travel stories using production test cars, it’s safe to say I’ve been around the block. The Cederberg and Tankwa have long been special places for me to escape hasty Cape Town and its ills.

The offer of a camping trip through our own little ‘outback’ comes like a welcome wink from my favourite waitress. Yet I can’t help but think I’ve already explored the region well, and am unconvinced a group of guys in old trucks have anything to show me. As always, I head into the unknown hoping for the best.

As it turns out, this adventure would be tough to conquer, with a total of nine trails over seven days – most of which are closed to the public because they are either too difficult, too dangerous or on private land. Trails range from loose climbs with necessary winching, to conquering sandstone rock formations and long-distance desert miles through unused tracks and rivers. A total of 900km took us a full week, with countless breakdowns and incidents along the way.

Louis Smit – the man behind the Unlimited 4x4 Adventure – has been exploring the Western Cape for over 30 years and has grown bored of the regular 4x4 trails listed in magazines and websites. With his knowledge of the area and personal contact with numerous farm owners, access to private land and specialised hidden trails have been granted to create a truly

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I was damn glad that tonight we were looking for frogs and aquatic stuff in a croaking and groaning swamp, rather than rare snakes! I knew my companions would go ape if they found a deadly twig snake or mamba, but for now, I was happy the hunt was on
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Email an image of your 4x4 in an overland location (or post it on Instagram), and be eligible for the Readers’ Rides prize. The prize is a heavy-duty Desert Air Jack which retails at R2 581, at any one of the 27 4x4 Mega World stores throughout South
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A disclaimer here: I am pathologically afraid of snakes. After this adventure with Darrell van Zeil of Opposite Lock and snake expert Johan Marais, I was able to lie on the deck literally staring a giant Forest cobra in the eyes. I only got to this p