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I started this job with the intention to never leave. What could possibly be better, I thought, than helping to synthesise empirical research and traditional wisdom and presenting it in a tactile, accessible format to an expanding circle of smart people to encourage them

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WellBeing8 min. leídos
Simple Solutions To Storage And Clutter
Less is more is the adage of our times. Driven by busy lifestyles and record stress, the way we view our possessions has shifted, with social research revealing what we already know too well: a cluttered home can hamper our life. Tapping into this da
WellBeing4 min. leídos
Replenish And Reset
Restorative yoga is the perfect antidote to a busy day. While vinyasa yoga, flow yoga, hot yoga and power yoga have manybeneficial benefits, attending a class in the evening can often feel like consuming a double espresso. Restorative yoga, on the ot
WellBeing4 min. leídos
Yoga In Flow
On a recent five-day retreat at the Byron Yoga Centre, I was reminded that yoga is so much more than completing physical postures on a yoga mat. Yoga is the amalgamation of the body, breath, mind and spirit. Somewhere towards the end of the year, amo