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Stir It Up
I’M A KITCHEN SNOOP. My friends and family don’t know this—though they will now. Some people get sneaky satisfaction out of peeking into medicine cabinets. I steal glances into cupboards and pantries, investigate pot and pan storage and Tupperware or
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Country Chic
DESIGN INSPIRATION CAN COME FROM MANY DIFFERENT SOURCES, and a favorite locale is a great place to start. For this dining room in northern Virginia, it was a love for both the homeowner’s new and old living areas that inspired the design vibe. “Our c
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Hot Stuff
For those of us who craft, supplies tend to build up in every corner of the craft room—or house. If you’re looking to put your fabric stash to good use, The Spoonflower Quick-Sew Project Book by Anda Corrie will give you plenty of inspiration and ins