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I worked in an Amazon warehouse. Bernie Sanders is right to target them | James Bloodworth

In some US states, nearly one in three Amazon workers are on food stamps. Sanders would rightly tax companies whose employees require federal benefits
‘We all know what Amazon does, but only now are we gaining a better understanding of how Amazon does it.’ Photograph: Mark Lennihan/AP

Amazon has become a ubiquitous feature of modern life. You can find almost anything on its website, and whatever it is you want – books, music, film – Amazon can get it to you the very next day or even sooner. We all know what Amazon does, but only now are we gaining a better understanding of how Amazon does it.

Lately Amazon has been on the receiving end of as well as . At the forefront of this campaign has been Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has introduced a bill designed to force companies such as Amazon to in the United States, with nearly one in three Amazon workers on food stamps in Arizona and one in 10 in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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