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Turning a blind eye to discrimination in China

The moral landscape of America's self-understanding is often reduced to a few easily recognizable landmarks: slavery and abolition, Jim Crow and the civil rights movement, World War II and the Holocaust. Every dictator we confront gets compared to Hitler, and nearly every domestic controversy gets squeezed into a familiar historical mold. (The Trump administration's child-separation fiasco at the boarder may have been terrible, but it wasn't

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Mary Sanchez: Of Monuments And The Men Who Never Deserved Them
Yet another chapter in the U.S.’s racial awakening seems to be unfolding. A bill to change Mississippi’s state flag, with a design that venerates the Confederate battle, passed the state’s house of representatives and senate in late June. Mississippi
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Clarence Page: Think Twice Before You Topple That Old Statue
When I first heard that hot-headed vandals had knocked down a statue honoring a Confederate leader or a slave trader, I confess that I felt a twinge of satisfaction. Slavery was a horrible institution, after all, of which some of my own ancestors wer
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Jonah Goldberg: Trump Using US History As A Cudgel In The Culture War
I didn’t watch President Trump’s weekend speeches live. It was a holiday, so I chose to take one. As a result, I first learned about them from the reactions they elicited. As usual, it was like “Rashomon” for the Trump era. According to the Washingto