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It’s an aggressive claim we’ve made at the Petersen Museum—that what’s happened in the motorcycle scene in the past 10 years amounts to a revolution—but there’s no denying that the custom world has been turned upside down, taking the motorcycle industry with it. Thanks to a nudge from Gordon McCall of the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, the Petersen approached me in mid-December 2017 with an idea for a “handmade motorcycle exhibit featuring LA builders.” It was a solid concept given the number of apex motorcycle customizers in the area—Shinya Kimura, Max Hazan, Ian Barry, Go Takamine, etc. The Petersen wanted an opening date of March 1, and despite that impossible timeline, when I tossed that idea to my team at the Vintagent and the Motorcycle

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Magic Metal
In times past, a walk along Daytona’s pit lane during practice was a feast for the eyes, and one of the major attractions was the light-weight magnesium parts on factory bikes. My own home-built Kawasaki H2-R 750 had only the prosaic gray cast-alumin
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Mark Blackwell
Mark Blackwell doesn’t want to talk about the past. The honors stretch back some 40 years and his trophy case is filled to the brim, but his primary focus these days is on the future. Namely, the future of motorcycling. Blackwell was a leading rider
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Echoes Of Dakar
What does it say about us that as much as we strive to live in civilization, we increasingly buy motorcycles built to escape it? Well, everybody loves a vacation, right? Up to now, there have been lots of ADV bikes built that are pretty good on vacat