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Charles E. Davis Jr. of the 13 Massachusetts Volunteers admitted that, at first, he and his comrades had their doubts about General John C. Robinson. “We were not always just in our estimation of division commanders,” he confessed. “We had an impression for a while that he [Robinson] didn’t like us – this was a mistake.” Robinson didn’t garner the kind of love commanders like General John F. Reynolds or General John Sedgwick did, due to his reticent personality. “He hedged himself with so much strict official dignity, that he concealed many of the good qualities he possessed,” Davis wrote. “It took a long time for us to work up the regard which was natural for us to feel for a brave and gallant officer, such as we knew him to be.” He may not have been the most personable generals in the Army of the Potomac, but he was one of the most dependable.

John Cleveland Robinson, born in 1817 in Binghamton, New York, could trace his lineage back to the Puritans and the Mayflower. His father, Dr Tracy Robinson, was a physician who had moved from

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On 11 April 1814 Napoleon abdicated the throne and, as a result of the Treaty of Fontainebleau, was exiled to the small Mediterranean island of Elba. A mere two years earlier he had launched an Invasion of Russia, which had ended in disaster when his
History of War2 min. leídosInternational Relations
16th Century Dutch Sword
The 80 Years’ War (1568-1648) was the prolonged, bloody attempt by the ‘Seventeen Provinces’ of the Habsburg Netherlands to gain freedom from Spanish rule. Although the provinces consisted of territory that now encompasses modern Belgium, Luxembourg
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Even its main proponent, US General Douglas MacArthur, only gave this desperate military gamble a one-in-5,000 chance for success, but it turned the tide of a war that still shapes today’s world. The legacy of the Korean War (1950-53) is still a star