, I think to myself, as I lean back and take in the mountain majesty that unfolds before me. I’m sitting on a warm slab of granite, air-drying from an impromptu swim along the 19.7-mile Alice-Toxaway Loop, which has earned something of “classic” status among backpackers. The early evening

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Adventure U - Avalanche Awareness
Every slide is caused by a combination of three factors: terrain, snowpack, and weather. The avalanche triangle illustrates how these three factors come together. Avalanches occur when all three elements merge, but any one of them could hint that the
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Plus: Strengthen your feet, spot five snow-loving birds, and whip up a crunchy new take on a tuna sandwich. ■
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Trail Chef
For more camp food inspiration, visit 2 pouches tuna½ cup mayo (or 8 single-serve packets)2 Tbsp chopped pepperonciniSalt to tastePepper to taste4 flour tortillas1 cup shredded cheddar cheese1 Tbsp olive oil AT HOME 1) Pack all