Self-Restraining   Order

Just as they were wrapping up the plans for their weekend house in the Catskills, architect Jason Shannon and his wife, designer Paola Yañez, decided to add two feet to the width of the kitchen.

This was no small tweak but a major adjustment for the couple, who were determined to make their home as compact as possible and were economizing on every square inch. They had

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Welcome To The Neighborhood
Hudson Yards, the New York City development that opened to the public on March 15, is a colossus. Its construction began in 2012 and is ongoing; what’s accessible now is raised above a train yard on a steel and concrete platform weighing more than 35
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Natural Progression
Don’t quote me on it, but you might be able to drive from Dwell’s San Francisco headquarters to our New York office without straying more than a mile or two from a parking lot. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but it’s worth remembering that the sa
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Wood Versus Aluminum: Only One Material Meets a Modern Home’s Needs
When Crystal Russell, the owner and CEO of TVL Creative in Denver, Colorado, is tasked with designing a modern home, choosing the right windows and doors is integral to nailing its overall look and feel. “They create a defined cadence on the exterior