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If the expression ‘back, sack and crack’ brings tears to your human retina, thank whichever deity you pray to that you’ve never faced the prospect of being ‘docked and cropped’. The former word (aka ‘bobbing’) refers to the constriction of the blood supply to our tails with a rubber ligature

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The Bush Fire Service
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Paul Feig's Mixed Blessing
Put yourself in the shoes of Wei Koh and me for a second. There is a global pandemic, and the pressure is on to create a magazine that reflects the reality of the times while also providing some much-needed escapism. The desire to feel uplifted and i
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A former Editor-in-Chief of The Rake, Nick spent several years as a staffer at U.K. Esquire and GQ Australia, and is now the Editor of the U.K. edition of Robb Report, as well as a regular contributor to The Rake, the FT’s How To Spend It, Hole & Cor