old dog’s tricks

NICKNAMES ARE A DOUBLE-EDGED sword. You can’t give yourself one and, for better or worse, one’s sobriquet could shadow them for a lifetime. “I’m not sure if I know when or how I became ‘Old Dog,’” says Mike Kelley, an accomplished outdoorsman and father of pro mountain biker, Cody Kelley. “I think it was a name my buddy gave me ages ago while I was giving him riding pointers on the trail. Regardless, pretty much wherever I go that’s what people call me.”

For the 58-year-old freight broker from Riverton, Utah, a day job has always taken a backseat to pursuing his love for the outdoors. Whether water or snow skiing, learning to ride BMX or mountain biking, Kelley was focused on reaching the highest level he could and sharing his knowledge, love for the sport

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