lost borders

SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO, I CHASED LOVE across the U.S., from the forested, green hills of Pennsylvania to the tortoise-brown, corrugated tapestry of the high Mojave Desert, pulling into Ridgecrest, California, as the sun set on the southern Sierra Nevada. Unexpectedly, I found a second love, this one with the open sky and land of the high desert: austere, piercing light, calming sunrises, spectacular sunsets, snow-capped mountains, intense heat, creosote and Joshua trees and the winds. My goodness, the winds.

Memories of mountain biking bedded deep in my bones in the 17 years since then were about to be awoken. With friends on board for a road trip,

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I drafted a few deep, philosophical analogies to lead us into this review, but I scrapped them all. The Murmur isn’t about the clever wordplay or fancy sentence structure that typical Bike intros normally traffic in. The Murmur is about riding your d
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When Casey Brown greased the landing of a difficult 30-foot jump at last summer’s Proving Grounds, the first-ever qualifier for Red Bull Rampage, no one watching could contain their excitement. Certainly not photographer Paris Gore, recalling the emo
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Butcher Paper
To all the newbs I'Ve loved before don't ever change I haven’t written a letter like this in a while. Hell, last time I had the clammy-hand feeling of putting these types of words into writing, I was still a gap-toothed middle school kid whose go-to