How trick-or-treating arrived in America

DESPITE ITS ORIGINS IN PAGAN AND Christian tradition, the modern American Halloween is often a purely secular celebration centered on candy and costumes. But in

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TIME5 min. leídosLGBTQIA+ Studies
A Docuseries LGBTQ Viewers Can Take Pride In
POP CULTURE IS CRUCIAL IN EFFECTING SOCIAL CHANGE, but for oppressed groups, mainstream representation can be a mixed blessing. Well-meaning TV shows and movies make spectacles of violence against women and Black pain. For decades, it was rare to see
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Acolytes Try A Trump Rally Without Trump
FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF ON MAY 7, IT WAS AS if the 2020 election had never ended. The elderly crowd in The Villages, a sprawling central Florida retirement community nestled among billboards for orange juice and baby alligators, came dressed in Donald
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Why Hasn’t The Police Killing Rate Decreased?
In the weeks after George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer last May, the insistence that his death would be—must be—the last such killing at the hands of law enforcement became a popular refrain. “I think what’s happened here is one