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Porcini doughnuts, artisan pizza, wine tasting: is this the future of festival food?

Festival-goers credit Outside Lands with pioneering the fancy treats now offered at Coachella and Glastonbury: ‘We come for the music and stay for the food’
A wine tasting at Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco featured local wines from California. Photograph: Charlotte Simmonds for the Guardian

It was hard not to notice the porcini doughnuts. Groups of people were staggering around clutching platefuls of them. The fried dough-puffs, dusted with a coating of dried porcini salt and served with a raclette cheese dipping sauce, were all over Instagram.

Some people seemed to be going to Outside Lands, a summer music festival in Golden Gate Park, just to eat them.

One of the largest independent festivals in the country, this event attracts 200,000

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