Notre Dame cathedral is crumbling. Who will help save it?

Many of Notre Dame’s gargoyles, which act as rain spouts, have corroded and been replaced with PVC tubes

ON AN AVERAGE SUMMER DAY IN PARIS, ABOUT 50,000 tourists pass through Notre Dame cathedral, one of the finest buildings of the medieval era still standing. Visitors from dozens of countries gaze up at the spectacular stained-glass windows, tiptoe through its vast choir and nave and whisper in awe at the centuries-old sculptures and paintings that line the walls.

Notre Dame, which looms over the capital from an island in the center of the city, is a constant reminder of Paris’ history. It has seen more than its share of epic dramas, including the French Revolution and two world wars. But now there is another challenge. Some 854 years after construction began, one of Europe’s most visited sites, with

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