c. 500–700 c.e.

Among the ruins of Pompeii— ancient coins, jewelry, frescoes—a loaf of bread was found. Perfectly preserved by a layer of

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How to Smørrebrød
Shrimp, avocado, and crispy potatoes Gravlax, kale, and apples Beets, shallots, and tarragon Pickled herring, oranges, and crème fraîche FOR THESE RECIPES AND MORE DANISH SANDWICH INTEL, VISIT FOR SMØRREBRØD These open-face sand
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Apair of Paellas
MAKES 2 QT.; Photo pg. 20 Active: 10 min. • Total: 45 min. Homemade stock infuses the deepest flavor into paella. In Spain, a classic fish stock—the kind used in shellfish paella—is typically made from a combination of small bony, non-oily soup fish
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Things Danish People Like
British writer Michael Booth loved Denmark so much, he wrote The Almost Nearly Perfect People, an ode to the Danish good life. Spoiler alert: He moved there. On Jægersborggade, one short but mighty street, you can buy handmade ceramics from Danish ar