c. 500–700 c.e.

Among the ruins of Pompeii— ancient coins, jewelry, frescoes—a loaf of bread was found. Perfectly preserved by a layer of

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Is Shanghai Too Hectic for Good Noodles?
On a rainy Monday morning last autumn in the Chinese city of Suzhou, it was warm and dry inside Ren Xiaochen’s noodle shop, Yu Mian Zhai. Three young rich guys, who had parked a blue Maserati on the curb, tucked into bowls of wild duck noodles. They
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Chicago Is a City Divided by Barbecue
PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRIAN FINKE Garry Kennebrew had fire in his eyes and smoke in his veins since he was very young. He grew up in Gadsden, Alabama, crammed alongside six siblings in a home with no electricity or running water. When he was 6 years old, hi
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There’s No Feta in Crete
PHOTOGRAPHS by DIMITRIS ALVANOS Stelios Trilirakis isn’t worried about what tourists like. He’s making Cretan food — including cheese—the traditional way. Stelios Trilirakis is cooking goat on one of the four woodburning stoves outside his restaurant