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Use these online office suites to get your work done anywhere

Work wherever you have Wi-Fi.
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if you have internet access and a browser, you can use these apps.

Not so long ago, the majority of the online productivity apps out there were limited, slow and buggy, but these web tools from companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are quickly catching up to their desktop counterparts.

While these apps don't have quite as many features or formatting options as the programs you can install for Windows and macOS, they do work in any modern browser, and can be accessed from anywhere, with no installation required—perfect for working on the go or across machines.

Here we'll explain how you can get up and running with each suite of tools.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

If you've got a Google account and a web browser then you can get started with Docs, Sheets and Slides, which can also be accessed through the Google Drive interface—just click the big blue New button in the top-left corner. Google gives its users 15GB of room on the web for free, but files created in this web apps don't count towards this total (you can always upgrade if you need to).

As it's also made by Google, using Google Chrome will give you the best experience and a few extras (like offline support

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