Limbo of the patriarch

LOST BOY Mary Todd Lincoln once described her son Willie as “a very beautiful boy, with a most spiritual expression of face”

GEORGE SAUNDERS, THE COMIC empath, introduces President Abraham Lincoln as he unwittingly enters a bardo—a Buddhist limbo, here populated by ghosts he cannot sense. These specters travel around the cemetery where Lincoln’s son Willie has been interred. They believe they are not dead and hope

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Beauty In The Machine
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS ONE OF the hottest, least understood and most debated technological breakthroughs in modern times. In many ways, the magic of AI is that it’s not something you can see or touch. You may not even realize you are using it tod
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The Kids’ Table
I WAS BORN INTO IMPROPER nutrition in Ethiopia. For my first couple of years, I didn’t get what I needed. We were extremely poor. We didn’t have enough milk, enough food. At 2½ years old, I weighed just 22 lb. It affects you. After my sister and I m
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The Future We Will Make
I MARVEL AT THE TIMES IN WHICH we live. A time that will be long-remembered. A time that will be long-studied. The question is: remembered for what? The answer is up to us. As an artist, I’m grateful that I live at a time when access to cameras and