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Why we can stop worrying and love the particle accelerator

What happens if you stick your head in a particle accelerator? The Russian scientist Anatoli Bugorski did – and survived

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A Radical Legal Ideology Nurtured Our Era Of Economic Inequality
Where does economic power come from? Does it exist independently of the law? It seems obvious, even undeniable, that the answer is no. Law creates, defines and enforces property rights. Law enforces private contracts. It charters corporations and shi
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What Big History Says About How Royal Women Exercise Power
Eleanor of Aquitaine is often portrayed as one of the most powerful queens in history. Wife, mother and counsellor of kings, crusader, landowner, patron of the arts, her power eventually grew so great – at least in the eyes of one royal husband, Henr
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Why The Community That Sings Together Stays Together
In Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), the movie about the British band Queen, the scene that sticks in my mind depicts the Live Aid concert in London in 1985. Queen belt out their best-loved songs and the crowd is singing along, swaying, clapping and stamping