Crimes of the heart

Like many of his novels, Spanish author Javier Marías’ new book, Thus Bad Begins, isn’t exactly a mystery, though it is mysterious. Here, the 65-year-old perennial Nobel

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Who’s Who In Italy’s Upcoming Elections
ITALY’S PRESIDENT SERGIO Mattarella dissolved the Parliament on Dec. 28 ahead of a March 4 general election. No party is projected to win a majority, leaving the key players in search of a coalition to run the euro zone’s third largest economy. Here
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The New Dinner And A Movie
TIME WAS, DINNER AND A MOVIE WAS A TWO-PART AFFAIR. BUT increasingly, the two have merged into a single experience, allowing moviegoers to save on the babysitting tab and get fries and a beer while they watch the latest superhero blockbuster. Full-se
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One Hope For The New Year: A Kinder Culture
A FEW WEEKS AGO, MY ELDEST SON, WHO IS IN HIS FIRST year teaching fourth grade in a public elementary school, decided to put a suggestion box in his classroom, though he wasn’t quite sure what the box would yield. The result was not so much suggestio